A Walk on the Silly Side

What's so silly about the funeral industry?

What’s so silly about the funeral industry?

Sometimes there’s not a lot that’s funny about what we do – we’re a family-owned business that helps people with end-of-life decisions and with memorializing loved ones with artistic cremation urns.

Not really all that funny.

But in going through today’s news, we stumbled across a student in the U.K. who took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the funeral industry: he’s inviting people to leave their jobs or school and pursue a career in the funeral arts.


You heard us right. Richard Pay won the 2010 Best Advertising Award presented by the Designers Northern Alliance for his three cheeky ads.

View the first winning ad here.

View the second winning ad here.

View the third winning ad here.

If nothing else, this teaches us that there’s life in end-of-life and a sense of humor can accompany anything in life…and beyond. Kudos to Mr. Pay for bringing a lighthearted approach to an industry that seeks to serve in our time of greatest need.

You can read the complete article here.

One Response to “A Walk on the Silly Side”

  1. From Ben Bitten

    Outlandish urns should be the norm! Let the personality show through. Also, it seems like there is a fear of cremation that we will come back looking like Barf from Spaceballs. haha!

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