Who Can You Trust When Buying Cremation Urns Online?

cremation urns online

We live in an increasingly digital age. More and more we shop for the items we need online, so it makes sense that some families are choosing to buy their loved one’s cremation urns online to avoid spending added time in a funeral home and to be in a safer environment while browsing designs.

However, there are a lot of choices out there, so how can you make one decision?

Questions to Ask Before Buying Urns Online

We think that an online retailer is no better than the people running the site, so you should ask yourself the following questions when buying cremation urns online:

Do I know the names of the people running this company? It might sound like a silly question, but it’s actually not. So often, companies hide behind the façade of their webpage and prefer to remain anonymous. At Une Belle Vie, we’re proud of the cremation urns we sell to our customers and we’re happy to let everyone know that our site is family owned and operated by the Jamalis.

What types of policies do they have in place to ensure my satisfaction? Does this company offer free shipping? Can they guarantee arrival before a certain date? Will they let me know quickly if a certain urn is unavailable? These are just some of the question you should be asking about a cremation urn company’s policies online. We offer free UPS ground shipping to our customers and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all but our custom designed cremation urns. Ultimately, it’s our customers that matter and we want to make sure they’re satisfied with what they purchase.

Does this company support any charities? Any good company that believes civil service is a part of being a good business will typically have some sort of charity that they support. Whether their employees participate in a charity race or they have a fundraiser for a good cause, a company should stand for something. At least, we think so. We’ve developed the Eric Jamali Fund to help families in need after the loss of a child due to a terminal illness. We raise funds for this every year and we work hard to support our families in need.

Have they gone above and beyond in any instances? People don’t start selling cremation urns online because it’s an easy industry. There is a lot of grief and heartache in the service and products we provide, and a company should be willing to help customers whenever possible. They may not always be available, but see if the company you’re looking at has any instances where they went above and beyond for a customer. It speaks volumes to their character.

Buying an urn online can be a tough decision during a very tough time. With so many options, especially when custom urns are available, choosing a company that you feel comfortable with and you know will provide you with great customer service is key.

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