Biodegradable Cremation Urns

Biodegradable Urns for Ashes Make Cremation More Earth Friendly

When a loved ones’ last request is to be cremated, you can take solace in the fact that their decision is environmentally sound, and that their final act in this world is an environmentally responsible one. Biodegradable cremation urns make this decision an even better one for our planet.


Standard coffin burial, including embalming and all the chemical treatments required to prepare and preserve the body is a known source of environmental contaminants. Arsenic, formaldehyde, and mercury have been discovered in groundwater downstream from cemeteries, and the coffins themselves can leach contaminants. In addition, there are significant questions regarding land use priorities surrounding the burial of millions of people in graveyards.

Due to these facts, more and more people every year are choosing cremation as the more environmentally responsible option for the burial and preservation of remains. It’s a beautiful way to honor the legacy of your loved one by doing the right thing for the environment.

Biodegradable Urns for Ashes – A Greener Cremation Option

Often when one chooses cremation, they want their ashes (cremains) to be scattered in an area that they loved or that held some deeper, emotional meaning to them—such as a favorite lake location, or in a beautiful forest or park.

Regardless of where a person chooses to have their remains scattered, the common denominator is the need to plan carefully regarding the method of dispersal and to keep a close eye on conditions such as the weather, so you can stand upwind when you release the ashes.

Burying cremains, rather than spreading them, makes the dispersal much easier to plan and accomplish. There are a wide variety of biodegradable ashes containers to choose from, which are not only beautiful but which break down over time into environmentally harmless components. Burying also provides you and your family a specific location to visit, where you can incorporate the cremains into a memorial such as tree or garden.

For those who wish to be buried at sea, biodegradable urns for water burial are available that degrade to their constituent components in just hours. Rather than scattering the ashes, you simply submerge the biodegradable cremation urn into the water.

The increasing popularity of these options has led some states, such as California where this alternative is especially common, to create new laws regarding biodegradable urns and how quickly they must break down.  These issues have led some to seek out more and more creative ways to dispose of their cremains.

Uniquely Eco-Friendly Options for Your Biodegradable Cremation Urn

Protecting and preserving the environment is so important to some folks that they seek to go above and beyond the protection factor of choosing cremation, or even selecting a biodegradable ashes container for their cremains. Even these environmental guardians have alternatives today.

Four Alternative Uses for Biodegradable Urns for Human Ashes

1: Plant a tree.

If you want to represent the strong roots and lasting legacy that your loved one had in your community as well as family, then consider burying his or her biodegradable cremation urn next to a sapling and having it stand as a lasting memorial to them in the future.



2: Design and grow a flower garden.

It’s difficult not to feel alive and happy in a flower garden and when you use biodegradable cremation urns as part of your design, the time spent in your garden will become a way to be near your loved one again, as you work together to help create new life and beauty in the garden. The cremains will become mixed with the soil in just a month or two and will be helping the newly planted life grow and thrive. A more beautiful legacy for your loved one is hard to imagine.

3: Donate a park bench.

What else can you do with biodegradable urns for ashes? Why not donate or “adopt” a bench in your local park in a place you know your loved one would enjoy. You can donate the bench in their name and bury their cremains near it so they will always be able to enjoy the park they used to visit so often.



4: Add the ashes to a compost pile.

Continuing our theme of plant and garden-centered alternatives, the loved ones of a serious gardener may want to add the cremains to a compost pile in a simple, rustic ceremony. The natural churn of the composting process will spread the ashes sufficiently throughout the mixture so that any potential excess of calcium or phosphorous is evened out.

Small amounts of wood ash has long been a common addition to compost piles because it helps to establish and maintain the pH balance of the soil if it is acidic. This is true also of ashes produced during human cremation, which contains small amounts of calcium carbonate – a common component of garden lime which is also used to reduce soil acidity.

Biodegradable Urns for Human Ashes – A Beautiful, Responsible Way to Celebrate Your Loved One’s Legacy

Hand-crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, each of these beautiful urns is as distinctive, beautiful, and demonstrates in a concrete way the inspiring commitment your loved one held to the protection and preservation of our planet. They’re perfect for sharing with family and friends the convictions that led the deceased to choose this inspiring green option for their legacy.

Sustainable Biodegradable Urn


As beautiful as it is ecological, this  biodegradable urn is crafted sustainably, and includes a biodegradable bag for cremains.

Ascend Biodegradable Urn


Its unique sand finish makes this biodegradable container a perfect memorial for your environmentally conscious loved one.

Elegance Biodegradable Urn


Elegant and Earth-friendly, this light grey urn will naturally dissolve within 120 days if buried in soil, and within only 48 hours when placed in water.

If you have any questions about biodegradable urns for human ashes, please reach out to us for assistance at 877-397-7252.

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  1. From Urns for Ashes

    You really hit on something that nobody likes to talk about here when it comes to scattering ashes. They make special scattering tubes that help take some of the mess out of the process, but they are not foolproof. That some comedy movies contain scenes about ash scattering gone wrong shows you just how well-known this problem is. I’m with you, though, there are so many nice urns for ashes out there anymore, there’s no reason not to go that route.

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