Eric Cares

Eric Cares is a program focused on providing support to assist families with funeral expenses following the loss of a child. After losing their own son Eric, parents Mike and Melody Jamali established Eric Cares, a program of There With Care, to help families celebrate and commemorate the beautiful life of their child.

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In loving memory of our son, Eric Jamali

Eric Jamali

Eric rises from the water as he swims
with dolphins in Mexico

Eric was his own person. He had a great sense of humor and could recite one-liners from a movie after seeing it only once. He had a wonderful ability to challenge conventional thoughts and capture the essence of what was going on in just a few words.

Eric lived each and every day like it was his last. Yes, he loved his friends and was the group clown, but he also was the first person to take someone in because they didn't have a place to stay or food to eat. He was smart, witty, blunt, and told it like it was. He had a love for soccer, shoes, clothes and fine food.

Shortly before Eric passed away, he began connecting with his family and loved us as well. He might not have told us, but he told his friends that he respected what we had to say.

In the end, we had accepted Eric for who he was, and we loved him dearly. Eric’s destiny was death at a young age. Our destiny now is to remember the good humored, loyal and wise kid who would have been a man in a short time. This company is our memorial to him.

Mike and Melody Jamali