Bearing Love for Africa: The Continent Bathed in the Light of the Pan-African Flag

Remembering a father and the heritage that he cherished.

Aisha H. wanted to honor her father’s memory by commemorating his passion for his African heritage. He had always kept some form of the colors of Africa, pictures of Africa, and relics of Africa present in his life. Aisha celebrated that tradition with the design of a special urn to preserve him and his memory.

Custom Africa Map Urn

At first, Aisha had only expected to be able to get her father a plain, black urn. But when she came across the Une Belle Vie site, the possibilities of a more fitting memorial for her father opened. She provided our custom urn curator a three-dimensional image of the African continent colored in the Pan-African flag and asked if it could somehow be used to create a custom urn. It’s a beautiful image on a shining black urn, and we were more than pleased to be able to fulfill such a creative final wish for Aisha’s father.

“It turned out absolutely beautiful and my mother loves it!”

Our Custom Urn Curator Can Personalize a Memorial for You:

Our custom urn curator really went beyond expectations with this urn. The basic hope of at least a black urn became a three-dimensional representation of the African homeland bathed in the light of the three colors of the Pan-African flag: red, black, and green. The fundamentals of any idea can blossom with the aid of a personalized design.

We cherish every story you send us. Your story can inspire the hopes and expectations of another in search of a personalized memorial. Share your story with us and anyone searching for a way to personalize the memorial of a loved one.

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