Custom Urns for Fans of Fashion

You’ve never been a fashion victim. You understand that fashion isn’t about a coat or skirt or dress, it’s a frame of mind. Good fashion is tailored to the person and, while every style may not suit you, you know good design and quality work from a mile away.

designer handbag custom urns

Custom urns made made for the fashionista

We know your type and we love it!

In fact, we love it so much that we’ve created several custom urns for our customers to represent their love for exquisite designers.

For one of our customers, a lover of all things Chanel, we created a custom cremation urn crafted impeccably as a designer handbag. The stitching is so detailed that it almost looks real! Another customer had a lifelong love affair with her shoe collection, so when her family ordered a custom urn, they had no problem deciding that a high heel shoe atop a shoebox was the perfect memorial urn for their loved one.

If you or your loved one was obsessed with fashion their whole life, nothing is more fitting than a custom fashion urn. Think of them as a perfectly tailored memorial.

Loving the idea of a handbag or high heel shoe urn? Then you’re in luck! We can create these designs and tailor them to your exact specifications. If you want a shoe with a little sparkle or a purse that’s got a funky pattern, our artists will happily create the urn that you have in mind.

Don’t let your passion for fashion end when you pass away. Keep up the tradition, even in your memorial!

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