“With Brave Wings She Flies”: Soft Purple Hue for a Custom Memorial Urn with Rising Butterfly

Creating a custom urn in remembrance of a beloved sister.


Amy N. lost her sister after a battle with Lupus. Her family had been unable to settle on an urn for more than a year. Amy found herself searching for a plan to begin the process of creating a custom urn and found the Une Belle Vie site.

Amy wanted to have something created that would bring her mother and siblings together. She didn’t want “anything crazy”, just something they could all agree on. When she found Une Belle Vie, she sent an email right away with some ideas of what she thought might work. She had a response in her inbox the next morning and said she found the process easy.  She appreciated the sketches, ideas, and pictures Melody was able to help her with.

“I could not have been more pleased with the service I received and the product. Thanks to everyone!”

Thank you, Amy, for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family.

We’d like to be there for you and your family:

What makes us special is the custom personalization that can go into any urn. Amy’s struggle was finding an urn that could speak of her sister’s memory, even though it wasn’t made for her sister. What she had made in the end, after finding the Une Belle Vie site, was something specifically with her sister in mind, and with a personalized touch to please the rest of the family. Let us customize a memorial for your loved one.

We love to hear from you. Please consider telling us the story of your loved one and how you came to the ideas for your custom urn. It’s not just good for you and the memory of your loved one—people look for inspiration in these times, and you could help spark the beginnings of a healing process for a stranger in the future.

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