Classic Car Custom Keepsake Urn

Celebrating a Lifelong Love of Family and Cars

When their beloved father died, Bethany Berg and her family didn’t know exactly how they wanted to memorialize him. They only knew that whatever they chose, it had to express his deep love of family and tradition. They also wanted to preserve his sense of fun and lust for life.

A set of 10 hand-painted keepsake classic car urns turned out to be exactly what the family needed to celebrate their loving father’s life and passions.

A bit of Google searching for custom urns is the path that led Bethany to the beautiful urn galleries and inspiring stories of Une Belle Vie. Here, she learned that it was possible to respectfully honor a deceased loved one, without sacrificing or ignoring the quirks and unique passions that made them who they were.


Keepsake Classic Car Urns Honor a Life with a Sense of Fun & Nostalgia


Along with his family, Kenneth’s other true love was the sleek, timeless design and functionality of the automobiles of the 50s and 60s. One of his long-time hobbies was the restoration and display of these beautiful vehicles, which he considered to be works of art rather than mere modes of transportation.

Kenneth had restored many classic cars over the course of his life, and after discussing this passion with Une Belle Vie founder Melody Jamali, Bethany was inspired. Working together, they decided that hand painted keepsake urns would be a beautiful and appropriate way to celebrate and honor his memory.

A keepsake urn is a small vessel that typically holds just a few cubic inches of cremation ashes, making it an ideal way to share memories among family and loved ones.

Melody connected Bethany with a talented and sympathetic artist with whom she worked to create a serene, nostalgic painting of one of Kenneth’s favorite vehicles – a mid-to-late 50s Chevrolet he had restored, in front of a mid century rural gas station.

The folk-art inspired style of the painting, along with the soft grays of the background and muted red of the car evoke memories of a simpler time when the road beckoned.

There were a few criteria the keepsake urns had to meet:
  • Because family was so important to Kenneth, Bethany wanted everyone who so desired to receive a keepsake in his honor. So it was decided that the cremains would be divided among 10 keepsake classic car urns and shared with various family members.
  • The memorial must celebrate Kenneth’s life – not mourn his death, so Bethany and the artist chose his favorite car as the subject of the painting to represent one of the true passions that Kenneth pursued throughout his life.
  • While fun-loving, Kenneth was also respectful, and Bethany wanted to ensure that the keepsakes honored his dignity, as well as his quirks. Bethany collaborated closely with the artist to create a painting that evoked warm memories and a sense of peace.


Prior to selecting a hand painted urn, the family had intended to honor Kenneth with a small graveside ceremony and a celebration of his life. After working with Une Belle Vie to create these custom painted classic car urns, each member of the family has a keepsake which will keep Kenneth’s memory alive and close to their hearts wherever they may be.

My dad’s car on a keepsake urn is very special to my family and I. [The process] was very easy. Melody was very helpful, and the artist did an amazing job. I would use Une Belle Vie again.
Bethany Berg

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For more information about cremation, custom urns, and unique memorial ideas, please reach out to us with your questions, or call 877-397-7252.

4 Responses to “Classic Car Custom Keepsake Urn”

  1. From Cory Rothrock

    Are these sold individually in full size? We are looking for just one. What is the cost?

  2. From Une Belle Vie Customer Service

    Hi Cory –
    These were a custom request, and are not kept in stock. However, hand painted painted urns are a typically completed in 5-10 business days. Melody will be reaching out to you to discuss your request.

  3. From Melissa

    Will the large urn fit someone that was 300 lbs?

  4. From Une Belle Vie Customer Service

    Hi Melissa –
    This classic car urn was a custom handpainted keepsake urn (intended for storing only a small portion of the ashes). But, we can have our artists create one that would be suitable for that size. You can request a custom hand painted urn consultation at

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