Custom Paint and Chrome: A Harley Emblazoned Custom Memorial Urn

A beloved husband rides out in style with the only image that would convey his spirit and the memories he left in the hearts and minds of others.

Traci L’s husband, Keith, truly loved his bike. After he passed, what Traci wanted most from an urn was to memorialize the times they had spent together on that bike. His Harley had been custom made, from the chrome to the flames painted along its body. Our custom urn artist hand painted Keith’s memorial with the same eye to detail he employed when he designed and built his beloved bike.

Traci said she didn’t have a very difficult time with the process of creating a custom urn. She searched on Google and found our site. She said the process of developing her husband’s urn with our artist was a simple matter of a few emails. In the end, she got exactly what she had hoped for. We were happy to be a part of making Keith’s life on the back of his Harley-Davidson the prominent memory on his memorial urn.

“Keith would have loved the urn.”
~Traci L.

Hand Painted Motorcycle Urn

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We make custom memorials for enthusiasts of all varieties, but if your loved one was also a motorcycle enthusiast, please take the time to view more memorial ideas for motorcycles here. Our custom urn curator can be contacted directly to discuss any memorial ideas you have here.

We love to hear your stories. Please consider sharing the stories behind the custom memorials you have had created. Your memorials can help inspire others looking for the perfect way to remember a loved one.

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