A Collage of Personal Artwork for a Custom Memorial Urn:

Rap, Songs, Poetry, and Drawings

Remembering a son with the kindest of hearts and an artistic inclination.

Joyce holds the memory of her son, Tony, as a strong and kind-hearted man. When she needed to find a way to memorialize him, she searched the internet for custom urns. Her goal was to find a way to use Tony’s own art in his urn. She found Une Belle Vie and shared the artistic creations of her son with our custom urn artist. We were pleased to be able to offer her a memorial with a collage of his own art, poetry, and religious heritage to preserve her son’s remains.

“The artist at Une Belle Vie did a wonderful job at replicating my heart’s desire. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!!!”

We want to create the perfect custom urn for your loved one:

You can expect our custom urn curator to appreciate the significance of your unique memorial. We’ve found a way to work with and serve every source of inspiration that has come before us. Call Une Belle Vie, tell us the story of the life you need to memorialize. You’ll find our staff open and willing to listen to your ideas, and we can convey the story of your loved one in a way that you will be proud to display.

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