Recreating a Tattoo – A One of a Kind Memorial for a Cherished Life.

Honoring memories with a custom urn that is as unique as the life expressed.

Cheryld C. lost her stepson, Cord, in a sudden, tragic moment. Without the time to prepare for his passing, Cord’s family looked to his deep love of the arts to create a memorial. Cord was interested in antiques, art, and specifically body art. Cord designed his own tattoos, wore them on his body throughout his life, and worked as an artist in addition to his hours lived as a handyman, mechanic, and even bartender. When Cheryld found Une Belle Vie and realized we could turn one of Cord’s personal art pieces into a permanent memorial, Cheryld picked a hand-drawn koi fish accompanied by special words of wisdom.

Finding something that could uniquely express the creative life of this young man was the challenge Cord’s family found themselves facing. Cheryld, kept the search going online until she discovered that Une Belle Vie offers the exact service she was looking for. Once we were able to connect, all Cheryld had to do was pick her favorite piece of art created by Cord. As they didn’t have a paper copy, the final image was created from pictures of the tattoo that Cord had once worn.

“This company went above and beyond to make this urn as perfect as it could be without having the original drawn art to copy. We have placed it in the bottom of an 8ft tall grandfather clock that Cord made his father in woods class in high school. Thank you to the team at Belle Vie for a beautiful piece of artwork.”

Creating a memorial urn that is one of a kind is our specialty:

Contact us with your story and your urn design ideas. Our custom urn curator will work with you to create your own unique memorial. Photos, possessions, collections, and even poems have been used in the past for families to preserve their loved ones in ways that are special and personal to them. It is our greatest desire to create something that can be treasured for years and even lifetimes.

If you have a story or a unique memorial that you would like to share with others facing their own grief and loss, please take the time to give us feedback. We love to offer inspiration to our visitors, to let them see that the memorial for their loved one can be as unique and special as the life it helps to remember.

2 Responses to “Recreating a Tattoo – A One of a Kind Memorial for a Cherished Life.”

  1. From Cheryld

    Thank you for this beautiful article, I hope that anyone that has a loved one with a love for body art will remember this if they need a special urn for their loved one.

  2. From Une Belle Vie Customer Service

    It was our honor to collaborate on creating this very special memorial for you and your family. Thank you for letting us be a part of celebrating your son’s life.

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