The Gambler: Rolling the Dice on a Custom Memorial Urn

Rolling the dice brought to life on a personalized and completely unique memorial in honor of a beloved father.

Paula M.’s father was a spunky, unique man, and losing him was an abrupt trauma. While she knew something with a custom flare had to be done for his memorial, it was her daughter that summed up the spirit of his full life in a single drawing. All Paula needed was a way to get her daughter’s unique image onto her father’s urn. Fortunately while searching on line, Paula came across Une Belle Vie. We were very pleased to be offered the opportunity to create a unique urn for a special life.

One of Paula’s father’s favorite memories was of meeting Kenny Rogers in Las Vegas. Her father too was a gambling man. Paula’s daughter drew multiple images of games of chance, with slight changes to recognize her grandfather specifically. The cards and poker chips on the final urn look so lifelike… it’s truly a piece of art with a black urn for the canvas. Paula’s father will be remembered well as a man who lived well.

“If you’re looking for someone to help with a custom urn trust me you came to the right place! You all are amazing, thank you again! Merry Christmas!”

Let us help you create the perfect custom memorial:

Whether you have your own personalized design in mind or you’re in search of assistance in choosing a style, we have the solution to help you create a unique memorial. All Paula had was a drawing her daughter had made. That was all she needed. Let us turn a personalized message from you into the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Tell us your story. Consider inspiring the next person in search of a unique memorial. Share the memory of your loved one and how your custom urn artwork speaks to that life. We would be honored to help you celebrate your loved one..

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