Creating a Fisherman Urn for your Loved One

Celebrate a Love of Nature and the Outdoors with Memorial Fishing Urns for Ashes

For those who love it, fishing is one of the most peaceful, relaxing, and serene outdoor activities there is. Whether they’re wading into a cold mountain stream fly fishing for trout, fighting to land a tuna from a boat in the Pacific, or casting for blue catfish from the shores of a calm Ozark lake, anglers always seem to be some of the happiest folks on the water.

Some folks just seem to be born to it. If we’re describing your recently passed loved one (or yourself), you may be wondering if there’s a way to incorporate this love of fishing into a memorial. A fisherman urn is a powerful and creative way to do this.


Celebrating Anglers with Custom Fisherman Urns

While we carry a number of ready-made fisherman urns that are beautiful and fully customizable,  you may wish to consider creating a custom fish urn to truly honor the unique and indomitable spirit of your loved one. If so, here are a few ideas to think about as you work with our artists to craft a custom fisherman cremation urn.

Consider the type of fishing the deceased loved the most. For example, lake fishermen and women often head out onto the water in a small boat. So you may wish to work with your urn curator to craft a vessel shaped like a row boat, including a fisherman-shaped handle to lift the lid. Appropriate materials for this container might include carved and polished wood, or molded resin – depending upon the level of detail and realism you would like to achieve.

Because of their sizes and shapes, some types of fish may lend themselves to becoming the model for the vessel itself. For example, if your loved one fished the cold lakes of the Rocky Mountains, a fish urn in the shape of a leaping largemouth bass could be a gorgeous addition to a mantle or study.

CTM0121-N_4A simpler option when it comes to custom fishing urns for ashes might be a more traditionally shaped wooden box adorned with a painted scene depicting the deceased angling at their favorite secret, secluded fishing hole. The artist with whom you work may ask you to supply a photograph of the location and/or your loved one to serve as a basis for creating this memorial.

If they grew up up near a pond or lake, a fisherman urn evoking powerful childhood memories might be appropriate. For example, if you elect to customize a wooden box with a painting or carving, a childhood scene reminiscent of the iconic opening scene of the Andy Griffith Show, with Andy and Opie meandering down a wooded lane with fishing rods in hand, would be a lovely and evocative selection.

A trophy-mounted container to hang on the wall like a prized catch, complete with memorial plaque, would be appropriate for a fisherman or woman with an impish sense of humor.

Finally, as many fishermen and women are conservationists, a biodegradable urn for water would be a great way to honor their noble values, as well as their lives. When cast into the ocean, lake, pond, or river, these containers will break down into harmless components in as little as 48 hours, allowing your loved one to return to and commune forever with the nature they so loved.

For those wishing to create a truly unique and memorable tribute to an outdoorsy loved one, a custom urn may be the best option for capturing and celebrating their personality.

The process of creating these custom urns can also be tremendously helpful and gratifying for survivors as well, as you spin your tallest fishing tales of “the one that got away,” and share memories of long days streamside or on quiet lake shores with your loved one.

If these ideas have inspired you, if you’d like more details about how we create them, or even if you’d like to brainstorm a few further ideas, please reach out to us for assistance at 877-397-7252.

Express a Passion for the Outdoors with Unique Ready-made Fisherman Cremation Urns

In addition to the custom fisherman urns described above, we offer a number of options for those who would prefer to make a selection from our gallery of nature and fishing-themed vessels.

Hand-crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, each is as unique as the majestic fish, or scene depicted, and as distinctive as your loved one. And remember, each of these fisherman urns can be further embellished with custom colors, engraving, or a plaque commemorating your loved one’s passion for the angling life.

Fishing urns for ashes created by dedicated craftsmen


Celebrate this beautiful passion with a wooden urn, featuring a hand-carved bass leaping from the water, and polished to a high sheen.


Select a kiln-fired ceramic box, adorned on the front and back with the raised figure of a trout, a fish hook for a handle, and glazed in soft blues with green undertones.


Or choose this ceramic fish urn, graced with a leaping trout, glazed in green and blue, and featuring a lift-off lid.


If you have any questions about creating a custom fishing urn, or any of our other outdoors and fishing themed containers, please reach out to us.


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