Creating a Personal Tribute for a Special Wife and Mother

When his wife Becky died, Kenneth S. searched for the perfect way to honor his wife and childhood sweetheart. Their unique bond had weathered both good times and bad, and was strong enough to weather a seven-year estrangement from her parents who did not approve of the union. This was a particularly difficult situation since they began their journey together when Kenneth was a young man fighting in the Vietnam War. Their love conquered both her parents’ concerns and the War, going on to produce a strong family of two sons and five grandchildren.

Becky loved Flamingos, which is appropriate since the bird is often used to represent a spirit of fun and relaxation. The special education children that Becky transported in her 35 years as a school bus driver would certainly say that Becky embodied those characteristics. Known to the kids as “Becky The Best Bus Driver,” she loved to sing and brought joy to the kids by teaching them the “Hamburger Song,” “Fin,” and other favorites.

The custom Flamingo Urn was a perfect tribute since her special connection with the pink beauties was well known. It is even reflected in the colors of her home in Florida. Becky would have greatly appreciated the many donations made in her honor to the non-profit Flamingo Sanctuary in Southwest Florida. And, of course, she would especially appreciate the beautiful urn.

Inspiring a permanent collection to our gallery of hand-painted urns.

Many of our urns are inspired by the stories of the lives we help celebrate through custom memorial urns, and by the artists who create them.This cherished hand-painted image of two pink flamingos has been requested by a few families who have worked with us, and we have since added it to our permanent collection of wildlife urns.

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