A Bird, a Rose, and an Urn Worthy of an Angel

Creating a custom memorial urn is a true joy for our artists. Hearing from the families of those whom we help honor is a blessing we cherish. Here’s one such story from Gina C.:

Hummingbird urn

Memorial urn with hummingbird

My mother was a loving parent to three daughters, three grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren She was the maker of many pancakes and homemade pies, an incredible seamstress, and a traditional housewife. My parents were married sixty-six years until my father’s passing in 2014. Mom was a lover of nature, animals, and the outdoors.

She had a green thumb, which she passed down to us girls, and she will always be remembered planting, cultivating, and tending her flower garden making sure it was always weeded, watered, and in good condition.

When I was a little girl, mom hung a hummingbird feeder from the edge of the patio. She made her own concoction of sweet water and the birds loved it! She and my dad enjoyed many hours watching the birds sipping from the feeder and from mom’s flowers throughout the day, always taking note of frequent visitors. It was this that inspired the scene for her urn.

My sisters and I agreed that mom’s urn should have a hummingbird and a rose. After searching through pictures on the internet, we found the perfect shot of a beautiful bird descending on a flower with its wings spread reminiscent of an angel. After sending the photo off to be painted, we went through some of mom’s things. Buried in a chest, we found a clipboard with what looked like a page from a sophisticated coloring book. The picture was of a hummingbird and a rose. We knew then mom had spoken to us in our decision about the artwork for her urn!

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