Custom Cremation Urns: Memorial Statues

Memorial statue - front - custom cremation urn

Memorial statue - back - custom cremation urnThe Jamali Family, founders of Une Belle Vie, sought to do something special on the second anniversary of their son, Eric’s death. They reached out to a talented sculptor and through a series of conversations, decided upon this memorial statue. Crafted from resin (though options are available in other materials – the choice is yours). Through a time-intensive process, this beautiful statue is now a fitting memorial for their son and expresses not only the joy they experienced while they had him here in their lives, but a fond reminder that he’s always there, watching over them, as he’s moved on.

If you’d like more information about having the skilled craftspeople at Une Belle Vie create a custom cremation urn or memorial statue to celebrate your loved one, simply let us know.

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