Custom Urns for WWII and Vietnam War Veterans

The men and women of our great Armed Forces fought bravely in many wars and we believe they deserve our respect, gratitude and honor in both life and death. For those brave soldiers that fought in either World War II or in the Vietnam War, we have several custom urns or Une Belle Vie exclusives that we think do a good job of honoring our service men and women.

Different Ideas for Urns for Veterans

If you or your loved one was a member of the air force, we recommend having a custom airplane urn made to contain cremains. We’ve had several custom urns made for aviation enthusiasts and think that honoring a member of the Air Force using the plane model that they flew in WWII or the Vietnam War is a great way to create a lasting and meaningful memorial.

Another idea that we’ve done for a retired Air Force member is to use our exclusive “Epilogue” urn and has the cover of the book customized with a jet on the front. In fact, you can use this urn and customize it for any branch of the Armed Forces.

Other ways that you can honor your fallen soldier is by using a custom shadow box urn. This urn is simple in its design, but the handcrafting is spectacular and you can use the shadow box section to display the flag you were given at their funeral as well as their dog tags and any other medals they may have earned in service to their country.

For a patriot that fought for their country in WWII, the Vietnam War or any other conflict, we have an exclusive urn that’s been hand painted with the American flag and a soaring eagle. The patriot urn is another great way to celebrate your loved one’s service to their country.

When you’re searching for custom urns for veterans of the Vietnam War or World War II, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you about your ideas for the perfect memorial.

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