Celebrate Your Beer Brewer, Liquor Lover, or Wine Enthusiast

With Custom Beer Bottle Urns and Wine Urns!

Typically at the Une Belle Vie Cremation blog, we talk about the emerging trends we see in the funeral industry, and the options you have when it comes to cremation.

But today, we’re going  to talk about an industry that’s seeing its own revitalization in the last decade or so: booze and how we believe this seemingly unrelated industry will soon have an impact on the cremation field as more and more people request a beer bottle urn, a beer can urn or a wine urn for their loved ones.


Craft brews, local liquor, and regional wine styles are booming.

Whether you prefer a great glass of red wine with dinner, a cold beer after a long day of work, or a nice cocktail with friends on the weekend, we can all agree that most of us are fans of one type of alcohol or another. And while the well-known mainstays for each category are still big players (Absolut, Budweiser, Crystal, etc.), many people today are being drawn to smaller labels and craft spirits.

At the same time, more and more people are taking the do-it-yourself spirit to their basements and cellars—brewing their own beer, crafting their own wines, and infusing or even distilling their own liquors. It’s a fun and exciting hobby that’s growing steadily in the US, and we think that we’re going to start seeing more custom cremation urns representing people’s love for liquor.

While the topic of cremation urns is not on its face as fun a subject as alcohol in all its delicious forms, we think a beer urn or wine urn is a great opportunity to express a whimsical sense of humor along with the passion that beer lovers and oenophiles bring to their favorite libations.

To meet this demand, we’ve created two distinctive urns to honor your loved one’s hobby.


Salute! A Beer Urn

An urn crafted of wood, adorned with bottle caps from some of our favorite beer bottles. Urn is sealed with a protective resin coating.


Cheers! A Champagne Wine Bottle Urn

This Champagne bottle keepsake urn is designed to hold a part of your loved one’s cremains.

Other options for celebrating the life of your beer or wine lover include the possibility of crafting a custom beer bottle urn based on the unique shape of a favorite brand’s bottle, or even the home brewer’s own bottles. Another option is to create a custom urn that represent aspects of the brewing process, such as aging barrels, a keg or a delivery truck.

Iconic bottle shapes make memorable memorials

You may wish to create a custom cremation urn in the iconic shape of a favorite tequila, whiskey or wine bottle.

When it comes to crafting a custom urn that truly honors the memory and captures the personality of your loved one, there is almost no limit to what we can create.

Our Process for Creating a Custom Wine or Beer Urn:

  1. A custom urn curator will work with you to determine your budget and time frame, as well as to help you decide the most appropriate liquor, wine, or beer concept on which to base your work of memorial art.
  2. Then our skilled, empathetic artists will get to work crafting a memorial that will forever inspire memories of cocktails and fun with the distinctive beer, wine or whiskey lover who has passed away.
  3. We will be in close contact throughout the entire process, allowing you to proof your wine or beer urn at each point along the way, working together to help ensure that you are happy with the final art.

Browse our gallery of custom urns, and explore our library of informative articles on creating beautiful, custom memorials for your loved one.

For more information on creating a custom beer can urn, a wine bottle urn, or to inquire about making a selection from our inventory of beer and wine urns, please reach out to us with your questions, or call 877-397-7252.

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