Depicting Beauty: A Special Friend’s Face Captured on a Custom Memorial Urn

Portraying a beloved Doberman on a beautiful and unique custom urn.


Jessica had no idea she was going to be facing losing her beloved Doberman, Nova Jane, when she took her to the vet for her annual shots. She had been Jessica’s companion for nearly nine years, and Jessica had not anticipated being forced into end of life decisions for Nova Jane so soon. Jessica already knew she would plan a cremation, but she was at the mercy of what she could find online when it came to the process of selecting an urn.

She said she felt very blessed when she found Une Belle Vie. We were pleased to have the opportunity to help her through this part of the death process, and Jessica feels that she received an urn that properly flaunts the exceptional beauty that Nova Jane possessed.


Adorning the side of Nova Jane’s portrait are two pink paw prints encrusted with Swarovski crystals. We call this our “Bling” process as described here. Jessica hoped the custom urn would find a way to capture her Doberman’s beauty and personality. Jessica said, “She had a gentle, beautiful, sincere, but ornery face all in one.” We think that’s been captured in an ageless image on a pink background, with her precious little paws off to the side.

I just wanted her to have the best remaining months with me that she could. I knew when she crossed the rainbow bridge that she deserved the best and most perfect urn to continue to celebrate and remember her life by.

A custom urn memorial might be the right choice for your loved one:

Bring us your ideas for how you want your loved one’s urn to look. In the story above, Jessica just sent us a couple of her favorite pictures of her Doberman. What she received back, she said, captured all Nova Jane’s qualities down to the little piece of rawhide she had on her nose. If you’re looking to memorialize a loved one, please contact us through our email or phone. We look forward to working with you to create a work of art for your loved one.

Consider sharing your story when the process is complete. We love to hear them, and they offer inspiration for the ideas of others. They give us an opportunity to display the custom work of art that now accompanies your story. It’s an honor to share and celebrate Nova Jane’s beautiful life.

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