How to Display Funeral Urns during a Memorial Service

More and more often, it’s becoming a common choice for people to request that they be cremated upon their death. While some people opt to have a wake with the body present before they’re cremated, it’s not uncommon for there to simply be a funeral urn present at the memorial service.

Urn Displays at a Funeral or Memorial Service

It may buck some of the traditions that have existed for centuries, but funeral urns can be just as meaningful at a memorial service as a body at a wake. When you display the urn at the service, there are many things that you can do to make it a unique tribute to your loved one.

Funeral Urn Flower Arrangements

Floral arrangements have long since been a part of the funeral industry and by displaying funeral urns surrounded by flowers, you can give a nod to the traditions that have lasted for years while still exploring a new way to go about expressing your grief. Since funeral urns are much smaller than caskets, keep that in mind when selecting the floral arrangements and choose bouquets that are smaller than the typical funeral arrangements. You can even create a “bed” of flower petals on which to display the urn.

Sports Memorabilia Display

For the sports nut, there’s nothing better than honoring their life by surrounding them in the team colors that they rooted for their entire life. The best part about this display is that, as you go through your loved one’s items to figure out what to display, you can reminisce about the stories you remember with certain pieces of memorabilia.

Displaying Hobby Paraphernalia

Much like sports fanatics, hobbyists love to show their passion for a certain pastime, so if you can incorporate it into the funeral urn display, it’s most definitely something they would love. Whether they were an avid Harley Davidson rider or a fabulous seamstress, take the time to make a meaningful display of some of their most prized possessions.

Memorial Letters for a Personal Touch

Before the memorial service, ask attendees to write a memory on a slip of paper and at some point in the memorial service, you can ask everyone to come up and leave their memory next to the funeral urn that’s being displayed. The thoughtfulness will likely be an emotional release for many people in attendance and later, if you choose, you can read the memories with your family and remember how much your family member was loved.


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