Custom Cremation Urns for Pilots

Did you loved one spend their entire life with their head in the clouds quite literally? Having a pilot in the family means a lot of great stories, lots of fun travel and a person passionate about flight and planes. If a pilot in your family passes away, what better way to honor their memory and lifelong passion than to have a custom urn made to represent that love of the skies.

At Une Belle Vie, we have an exclusive design called “Fly Away” that’s perfect for the pilot in your life. The beautiful wood details on the plane can be modified according to your specifications and we’ll happily work with you to create a custom urn that is perfect for you loved one’s memory.

If you don’t want to have a literal representation of the deceased’s lifelong passion, you can always opt for something a little more esoteric or abstract.

Our “Epilogue” custom urn can have a cover decorated however you see fit and with whatever title you find most fitting.

One great way to have an urn customized is to purchase a standard metal urn and then commission an artist to paint a mural around the body of the urn. You could have it be a simple, serene sky with clouds or a painting of their favorite type of plane.

Whatever, urns you decide on to honor your loved ones life as a pilot, whether it was professional or a hobby, we’re sure that it will be a beautiful tribute to their life among the clouds.

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