Using Pinterest to Plan a Memorial Service

There’s so much information available on Pinterest to those of us who enjoy planning events and parties. Just about any theme you could ever want to tackle is covered and then some with every aspect of your theme perfectly coordinated.

But there’s one event that many of us never look forward to planning and that’s a memorial service for a loved one (or perhaps even yourself if you’re pre need planning).

However, never fear, there’s not a wonderful Pinterest board filled with great ideas for memorials for the dearly departed.

Planning a Pinterest Memorial Board

The board clearly states “Who wants to plan a funeral, when you can plan a celebration of life instead?”

We’re inclined to agree with that sentiment and we love the ideas that they’ve come up with to help celebrate a life!

Memory Tree: Leave small slips of paper out for guests to write a memory about the deceased. When they’re done, they hang the memory on a tree so that by the end of the service, there’s an entire tree filled with memories of a person’s life.

Plantable Seed Memorial Cards: The paper of the card actually has seeds embedded in the paper so that when guests leave, they can plant the card and watch as beautiful wild flowers bloom from the card.

Memorial Seedlings: If you want trees instead of flowers, you can get little seedlings to give to to each of your guests. They can be planted anywhere in memory of your loved one.

There are a lot of other great ideas on this Pinterest board and it got us thinking why more people don’t use Pinterest to plan a funeral or memorial service. Would you use this social media service to plan a memorial?

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