How Much Does It Cost to Die? The Answer Might Surprise You…

Today, Une Belle Vie released this helpful infographic on the true cost of death. The infographic illustrates how much funerals, memorials, cremations and other death care options costs have risen from 1960 to 2010. It also provides the breakdown cost between burials and cremations and their impact on the environment.

The in-depth research tapped resources such as the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), the National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA),, and pulled up to date information directly from iMortuary’s funeral database. The research revealed that traditional funeral costs have increased a staggering 827 percent in the last 50 years, while funeral alternative costs have remained relatively low.

This infographic serves as a guide to help educate families and their loved ones on the monetary costs between funerals and cremations.

Check out the infographic below, and please feel free to share via the embed code!

how much does it cost to die rising cost of funerals


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