Should You Hire a Funeral Photographer?

funeral photographerPerhaps you’ve never even considered the possibility of having a photographer at your loved one’s funeral, but it’s something that some families choose to have when organizing a service for their loved one. A funeral photographer makes sure to cover all aspects of the memorial service, including the wake, the flowers and the guests and they make sure to keep all photographs tasteful and respectful of the dead.

Funeral photography is not something particularly new in funeral traditions. Funerals were often painted dating back centuries, but with the invention of the camera, photos at funerals became much more commonplace. In fact, in the Victorian era, it was considered the finest honor for the deceased to be photographed in their funeral service finest. We may look back on it now and find it macabre, but funeral photography back then involved intricate pictures of the deceased.

When deciding whether you want to hire a funeral photographer or not, consider the fact that, oftentimes, funerals are events where many members of the family are together for the first time in years. As sad as it is to admit, funerals bring many families back together and choosing to have a photographer at the funeral would be a way to document all of the great friends and family that came to pay their respects.

While funeral photographers may have other types of photography that they offer their clients, they are similar to wedding photographers in that they specialize in taking compassionate photos of the family and their friends in their time of grief without being disrespectful. It’s not a job that just anyone can do and it’s acceptable to ask to see a portfolio before you hire someone. You want to make certain that their style and aesthetics will match with your vision of a funeral for your loved one.

Funeral photography certain isn’t right for everyone and you should never feel pressured to have a photographer at your funeral. You should, however, know that there is no taboo that says you cannot have someone present at the funeral to document the services.


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