Strange But True: Female Funeral Director Looks for “Love of Death” in a Reality Show

funeral reality TVHave you ever sat down in front of the television for the evening, turned it on and found yourself flipping through channel after channel, thinking the same thing on each one: “This counts as television?” We’re sure that we’ve all been there and with the increasing popularity of reality TV shows, it seems that almost everyone has a story to tell on at least one of the 300 cable channels available to watch.

So it was just a matter of time before funeral homes made the move to join the reality ranks. But this show, attempting to gain funding through the popular fundraising site isn’t just any old reality show about funeral homes. It focuses on women in the funeral industry, or “funeral divas” as the show’s creator, Muneerah Warner, calls them.

These women are single, driven women in the funeral business who are looking for love while still caring for the dead. The show, tentatively named “Love or Death.” intends to focus on the many aspects of being a woman in a traditionally male dominated industry. How they compete with their male counterparts, how they balance their career with their love life and the spiritual journeys each one of them takes as they make their way in the funeral industry.

A quote from the page describes the show as such: “They are fun, sexy, beautiful and they put the fun back in funeral. The dating process can be nerve racking but dating a Funeral Diva can be full of surprises when death comes knocking at her door.”

What do you think? Is this just another attempt to dramatize yet another area of life so that someone can profit from the reality TV craze or is this an interesting pitch for a show that could expose what women face in a mostly male industry today?


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