Baseball Urns—Memorialize a Loved One Who Loved the Sport

Baseball— the only game where the defense has the ball.

Under the bright lights or in the hot, summer sun, the game of baseball is unique in many ways to other American team sports. It’s an introspective game, a sport for thinkers. And after long, quiet lulls, it’s a game of hurried reflexes. Every play happens in seconds, and has long moments in between where each player on the field is on his own. Left field stands by himself, and he may go an entire game without the ball being hit to him—yet he will always have his time at the plate, where he is still one man facing one pitcher trying to predict the coming moment in a battle of instant reactions.

The coming together of individuals makes a baseball team, and the way they come together determines the quality of the team. In professional baseball, every pitch is the culmination of the strategizing of multiple minds. And the ball can always slip. The only success a batter can hope for, in moments which require focus and reflexes, is developed mentally long before the pitch – at least in relation to the tenths of seconds spent watching the ball reach the plate.

As Yogi Berra said, “Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.


The introspection, the intellectual aspect of the game, informs the soul of baseball. That soul permeates the game so much so that “baseball” doesn’t want to change over time. The dust, the grass, and the pine tar all hold the same reverence as the stats and the games themselves. Players come and go over the years, but the type of change that brought lights to Wrigley Field is slow and resisted by many traditionalists. As journalist Roger Simon put it: “Putting lights in Wrigley Field is like putting aluminum siding on the Sistine Chapel.” Baseball holds on to its history and ensures a living memory for lives that would otherwise be obscure.

Baseball urns for a loved one who took the time to play catch.

The relics of baseball memorabilia are treasured by young and old alike—they live in museums all across America, the same as old inventions and works of art. The baseball urn is the choice for anyone who collected memorabilia, lived with baseball as part of their lives, took their children to ball games, or just kept a glove in their closet no matter how old they got.

Sports can bring a family together like few other things. In the past, represented in movies going back decades to the roots of baseball traditions, baseball was a game that brought neighborhoods together. The boys in the yard were always the boys in the yard. They came out of their homes alone and often lacked equipment.

baseball memorial

The boys in the yard then grew up to raise their children, with better equipment. Dad having a catch with his kids in the front yard became more and more iconic as those boys in the yard raised their children to share their passion. Boys and girls were raised in little leagues, batting cages, and well-equipped school programs.

Celebrating Fans with Baseball Cremation Urns

Baseball cremation urns can celebrate baseball lives in so many ways. Every aspect of baseball is as sacred to the lifelong fan as the history, stats, and stadiums. The wood of a bat, the smell of leather, the stadium and its history all represent baseball as much a Babe Ruth baseball card.

MLB Urns

Major League Baseball dates almost as far back as the civil war, and an MLB urn is probably one of the most appropriate custom keepsakes for the for avid baseball fan. We, as Americans, share our history with baseball because the dramas of baseball often transcend sports. From Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man” speech to the integration represented by Jackie Robinson’s first at bat, from the Curse of the Bambino to Roosevelt’s “Green Light Letter,” from Roberto Clemente’s tragic death while on a humanitarian mission to Nicaragua to the looming retirement of Vin Scully: the history of baseball is a national history coinciding with the movements of the times and looked back upon for pure storytelling and pleasure.

MLB Urns in Our Urn Gallery

As it’s not always easy to come up with the perfect and unique idea when grieving, we have baseball urns that have already been designed available in our urn gallery. They’re beautiful, pristine, and perfect for any baseball fan. The home plate urn is kept neat and stands on the ends of baseball bats. And of course, we also have a stand-alone baseball urn—what could be more iconic for the game?

Custom Baseball Cremation Urns

In addition to our MLB themed urns, you can also create your own custom baseball urn to remember the fan in your life the way you would like to.

With a custom-made baseball urn you can take any element of the game and turn it into a memorial keepsake. Anything from a Dodger Dog to Babe Ruth pointing into center field can be created to remember your loved one and their love of the sport:

  • The season ticket holder can rest beneath a hand-crafted replica of his favorite stadium featuring an engraving of the seat numbers he always held.
  • A sculpture of a catcher behind the plate.
  • A diamond-shaped urn to mark years of visits to the stadium.
  • The urn in the shape of a fielder’s mitt would fit almost anyone who grew up with the game.
  • Of course for the power hitter, a bat makes more sense than anything—for the hero of the softball team, for the batting cage devotee, for the coach who will forever be remembered hitting grounders to his infield and popups to his outfielders.

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