The Growing Pet Funeral Industry: Custom Pet Urns, Ceremonies, Memorials and More

pet memorialsFrom a custom pet urn to a full funeral ceremony, more options are available every day to help you honor your beloved pet.

Cremation is an increasingly popular option for human funerals, and it is growing even faster as an option for pets—so much so that there is now a professional organization just for businesses who serve grieving pet owners. The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA) now has more than 150 members—businesses who provide services for pet funerals including crematoria, pet cemeteries, and grief counselors. To help grieving families navigate the often confusing process of dealing with a pet’s death, the PLPA Standards and Ethics Committee has published a document, free to download, which describes “Definitions and Standards for the Cremation of Companion Animals.

Many who choose cremation for their pets simply use a service that has a contract with their veterinarian. The vet sends the body away, and ashes are returned for the pet owner to pick up. Increasingly, though, full-service crematoria like Sacred Paws Pet Crematory in Jacksonville, North Carolina, offer services similar to those found at funeral homes that cater to humans, including memorial markers and artwork for sale, memorial ceremonies, and grief counseling.

Of course, wherever you live, you can plan and perform a heartfelt funeral service on your own. The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement’s website offers more extensive resources, including funeral planning advice, and links to pet loss services and grief counselors in your area.

Even if you are doing the planning yourself, you don’t have to go it alone.

Une Belle Vie is pleased to be part of this growing industry. We work with artists who understand that your pet was an important part of your family and an individual with a unique personality. We offer a wide range of memorial pet urns, some designed specifically for dogs and some for cats.


Ruff n Tuff Metal Urn
From: $200.00 To: $250.00


Here Kitty


Tennis Ball

You can view all of our pet urns in our Pet Memorial Urn Gallery, or contact us to have our artists create the perfect memorial for your pet.

Additional resources for planning for your family pet:

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