Remembering an Educator: Custom School Colors Memorial Urn

Creating a memory for a beloved mother, teacher, student, and friend.

Alex L. lost his mother more than a year back. A celebration of her life was held with her closest family and friends, but the task of finding the perfect urn proved difficult. Alex didn’t really have any plans for a memorial urn ahead of time and ran into a problem with finding an urn of the perfect color. The unique orange used in her school’s colors didn’t exist on any of the urns Alex could find. A search engine eventually brought him to us, where custom urns can be created in any color imaginable.

The custom colors of the school that his mother had graduated from, and the university at which she taught, were what he cared most to represent. Both of those schools bore bright orange and black colors. Our custom urn curator used the orange as the foundation of the urn, with the black for the script, top and bottom trim, and a little decorative swish. The final piece matches the desired color perfectly, and is artfully designed into a respectful and loving memorial.

“You guys were great. You were able to get exactly what we wanted, and finished and delivered in plenty of time.” Alex L.

We’d love to help you create the perfect memorial:

We craft custom urns with any colors or designs, regardless how common or complex the source of your inspiration. Your imagination is the only limit to finding the perfect representation of the life you and your family will forever remember. As quick and effortless for you as possible, we will fashion a memorial personally customized to represent you or your loved one’s life.

We are always happy to hear from you. Alex found us through an internet search engine, as many of our customers do. Your stories can speak to people from all walks of life who find themselves in the same position. Consider sharing your story for yourself, for us, or for them.

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