Keep it Nerdy: Geeky Funerals and Memorials

klingon casketAfter you pass away, you have every right to have your funeral or memorial service be as memorable and personal as you want it to be. Of course, if you’re a bit on the nerdy side, as so many others are these days, it makes sense to add a touch of geekery to your funeral or memorial. There are many ways you can go about doing this and there are offerings for just about every kind of nerd out there, from Trekkie to World of Warcraft fanatic.

For the Whovian: What better way to store your cremains than in a Tardis?That’s right, you can have your memorial be the British police call box made so famous by this BBC mainstay that crossed the pond and found a place in so many American’s hearts.

For the Computer Nerd: Why not get a coffin with a circuit board emblazoned around the entire surface? Creative Coffins offers the ability to have custom made cardboard and wooden coffins made with virtually any pattern, but one of their more popular sellers is the circuit board coffin.

For the Star Wars Fanatic: Why not have a Jedi funeral? Jedi’s were typically cremated on a funeral pyre after their death. While having a funeral pyre might be a little too intense for friends and family or might be against health and safety codes in your area, you can always opt for cremation and have the Funeral Theme played at your memorial service.

For the Trekkie: Consider purchasing a Star Trek themed cremation casket. These caskets are designed to break down easily in a cremation chamber, but are great for containing the deceased during the funeral. You have your choice of Klingon, Star Trek Delta or the Federation of Planets.


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