Strange but True: Posing the Dead as if They Are Still Alive

When you think of a funeral, how do you picture it? Flowers surrounding a decorative casket, a religious leader giving a heartfelt eulogy and the deceased resting peacefully in their casket? Or perhaps you imagine a simple memorial service, where friends and family gather to pay their respects to the dearly departed by sharing stories and memories of their life? How many of you thought of a wake where the deceased was posed to look as though they are still alive?

No, you didn’t read that wrong, there is, in fact, a funeral home in South Carolina that has taken to posing the deceased in positions they might take during life. For example, one gentleman was a huge basketball fan, so Cecil Gilman, the owner of the funeral home, posed him holding a basketball in one hand and watching a reel of basketball highlights in his favorite recliner. Another family asked that their father be posed playing the violin since that was his one true love in life.

We’ve written about folks whose last request was to be posed standing up at their own wake, but until now, we didn’t realize it was a service you could request in the States as well. Une Belle Vie wants to know how you feel about this, admittedly, bizarre way of displaying the dead at their funeral. Do you find it to be totally disrespectful of the dead? Do you think that each person should be allowed to have their funeral the way they want, even if it does involve them being posed as if they were still alive?

View some of the poses on the ABC article.

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