Custom Cremation Urns: British Police Call Box

If you’re looking for something that holds special meaning to you or a a loved one, the artisans at Une Belle Vie can help craft most anything. In this instance, they created a replica of a British police call box, complete with a secure, threaded opening in the bottom of the vessel.

This wood piece can be finished in a variety of colors and other customizations made to suit. This piece is now a permanent part of our artisan urn collection.

To inquire about a custom funeral urn for a loved one, use our custom cremation urn page. We’ll match you up with the perfect artisan to help make your memorial a fitting celebration of a life well-lived.





2 Responses to “Custom Cremation Urns: British Police Call Box”

  1. From Mariah Bernhardt


    My best friend recently passed away and we were looking for the perfect tardis urn for her and I’m really interested. How do I go about getting this ordered.

    Let me know thank you,

  2. From Une Belle Vie Customer Service

    Hi Mariah –
    The police call box urn is available for purchase from the shop.
    If you have any questions about the purchase, please feel free to reach out with the “ask a question” link on the product page.

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