Top 10 Reasons to Pre-Plan Your Funeral

preplan funeral reasonsWhile death is still considered to be a taboo subject by many cultures, it’ is becoming more and more common place for people to plan their own funeral for a variety of reasons. There’s no need to feel shy about it and start talking about final wishes and funeral plans with your family and here are 10 reasons why you should pre-plan for your funeral.

  1. Save money. Times are tight for many families, unfortunately, funerals are an inevitable expense. Many funeral homes actually offer discounts to people that participate in a pre-planning service they offer. Plus, you can take your time and pay off the cost of the funeral over the course of time, rather than paying a big bill for funeral services after the fact.
  2. Have it your way. Of course, when you pass away, your family will work their hardest to honor you in your memorial service or funeral, but only you know yourself perfectly and know exactly what you want. When you pre-plan your funeral, you are making the decisions for yourself.
  3. Lift a financial burden. Funerals are not cheap. There are a lot of items that cost a considerable amount of money and they add up quickly. When you pre-plan, you pay for your own funeral and remove the burden of footing the bill for your funeral from the members of your family.
  4. Shop around. You shop around for all your other big ticket items; you should definitely shop around for the right funeral home. When you give yourself the time necessary to plan your funeral, then you can make certain that you have found the right funeral home for you.
  5. Take more time. Most funerals are thrown together in about a week, which can lead to hasty decisions. When you pre-plan, you get the opportunity to be more methodical about the process.
  6. Get the details right. When you have your funeral your way and take the time to plan it, you can focus on all of the smaller details that might get overlooked if your funeral is planned by someone else post mortem.
  7. Prevent additional stress. Your family will be under and enormous amount of stress when you pass away. You can ease at least a little bit of it by making sure all of your affairs are in order before you die.
  8. Make your final wishes known. If you want to be cremated, pre-planning allows you to arrange for this before death. If you have a specific request for your ashes, you can also make this known in your funeral plan.
  9. Ask the right questions. When you are the one talking to the funeral directors, you can ask the questions that you would want asked regarding your funeral and make sure that the answers work for you.

10.  Work with people you respect. The dynamic between a family and the funeral director is important. When you pre-plan, you can take the time to get to know several funeral directors and find the one you believe will do the best job consoling your family and still keep true to your requests.


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