Strange But True: Unbelievable Stories from Around the Funeral Industry

strange funeral newsIt’s been a while since we had a few strange but true stories from around the industry and this time around, we’ve got a couple of crazy ones.

Woman Carries Her Husband’s Urn Everywhere and Eats His Ashes

In a story originally aired on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, Casie admits to being addicted to carrying her deceased husband’s urn everywhere she goes. Her grief has manifested in such a manner that she carries the urn to the grocery store, the movie theater and she even sleeps with the urn at night. She says she buys the things her husband liked to eat and even prepares the food, even though she doesn’t eat it. Things became even more bizarre one day when she began eating her husband’s cremains. The show revealed that she has been unable to stop eating his ashes and has already eaten up to a pound. At the end of the show, Casie checked herself into inpatient care and did not bring the ashes, but no further follow up has been done.

New Company Turns Cremains into Bullets

In a new service targeting (no pun intended) hunting enthusiasts, Holy Smoke LLC is creating bullets out of cremains. The company talks to their clients to figure out the best bullet for the deceased based on their gun shooting hobbies. They have rifle cartridges, shotgun shells and more. Once the exact type of bullet has been determined, they collect one pound of cremains, which is just a portion of the cremains, to make 250, or one case, of bullets. The cost is $1,250 and for an additional $100, you can get a custom made wooden display box for the cartridges.

Flowers vs. Food: The Battle for Sympathy Gifts

In the past, there has been two ways people have traditionally expressed support for friends during their time of loss: flowers or a homemade dish. For years, the two sympathy gifts have existed peacefully, until an entrepreneur started a website that allows far away friends and family to send sympathy food to their loved ones during their time of need, simply by placing an order through his online business. This has apparently ruffled the feathers (or petals) of the Society of American Florists. In so many words, the SAF sent the owner of the sympathy food website, David Storke, an email requested that he not disparage the age-old tradition of sending flowers by offering an alternative.

According to the Association, they make it a regular practice of emailing businesses that offer alternatives to sending flowers and request that these businesses remove any wording that might be seen as negative to the floral industry. They also used to feature a list of “offenders” on their website. Storke has said he plans on ignoring the email and carrying on with business as usual.


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