Five Creative Uses for Cremated Remains

After the cremation of a loved one, what to do with the cremated remains is often a
difficult question. Especially when you are looking for a creative way to commemorate
and memorialize the deceased.

Unique Ideas for Cremation Ashes

You may choose a more traditional method of placing cremated remains in their final
repose. Sometimes they are buried with a gravestone placed above, so that the family has
a place to gather and grieve. Sometimes they are placed in a columbarium, or special
niche for urns where ashes of the dead are on permanent display. But there are a few
non-traditional options available as well.

One example is the creation of an urn from a piece of special memorabilia. An option
is to turn pieces like a favorite cigar case or and old instrument case into unusual and
unique housing for the cremated remains.

Another option is to find a company that specializes in the creation of art from the ashes
of the departed. By incorporating the cremated remains into everyday objects such as
perfume bottles, paperweights, or walking stick knobs, your loved one can be in a place of
daily remembrance.

A new trend in memorial pieces is to have remains encased in a small piece of cremation
jewelry. A small necklace for example might provide a place for cremated remains, locks
of hair, and ceremonial flowers to be kept all together. This would allow you to keep the
departed loved one close at all times. There is even a service that will press your loved
one’s remains into a gem that can be set in jewelry or kept in a gem bag.

Additionally, some companies are offering personalized teddy bears with small velvet
lined pouches designed to hold cremated remains. The pouches can even be made from
the clothes of the loved one.

There have been numerous other creative send offs of cremated remains over the years.
From turning them into wind chimes, clocks, birdbaths, motorcycle gas tanks, to sending
them into outer space, your imagination is truly the limit.

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