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When it comes to containing cremains, cremation urns have a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from, but how do you decide what to choose in order to properly honor your loved one? You may feel inundated with choices initially, but the good thing is that you can take as long as you want to make a decision about the final funeral urn to hold your family member’s cremains. Take the time to consider a variety of unique urn options before you select the perfect cremation urn.


Honoring Fallen Soldiers


If you are picking out a funeral urn for a fallen soldier or a proud veteran, consider looking at urns designed for the cremains of military personnel. These urns are typically very understated in their design, but make a powerful statement of your support of your loved one’s service to his or her country. Many feature the design of the American flag on the top of the urn. Others may have a decorative eagle on the side.

Of course many military images have inspired urn ideas over the years. Images of the constitution, the heroes at Iwo Jima, or aircraft or ships can adorn an urn. Some have been made in the shape of military boots, a helmet on boots, or even the field cross. Urns can be painted in camouflage or just a subtle patriotic sheen. Many are simple, a small box with a plaque, maybe dog tags integrated in a respectful manner.

Respect a Friend of the Earth with these Biodegradable Urn Ideas

If your friend or family member lived their life in the greenest way possible, respect their lifestyle and purchase a biodegradable urn. The urns can be buried in the ground or at sea and biodegrade over the course of time so that the cremains mix with either the surrounding soil or the sea water.

Biodegradable urns can be used to unite cremains with soils that will nurture the growth of a tree. They can be buried directly in the ground and marked with an engraved garden stone. Earth friendly cremains can even be integrated with a coral reef by a company that makes coral reef balls to help suffering reefs rebuild.

These cremation urn ideas offer the perfect way to honor the spirit of a man or woman who felt deeply connected to nature.

Unique Urn Ideas for the Motorcycle Enthusiast in Your Life


Getting a custom urn for the motorcycle enthusiast in your family is a perfect way to pay tribute to a hobby and a passion that they had their entire life. You will always remember them for their sense of exploration, their love of freedom and the open road, and the wisdom they gained on life’s journey. A custom motorcycle urn will celebrate your loved one’s road through life and the long ride to the next great adventure.

Keepsake Cremation Urn Ideas to Divide the Cremains Among the Family

If various members would like to have a portion of the cremains, the best solution is to divide the cremains and purchase small keepsake urns or have special jewelry made to contain the cremains. Jewelry in particular can be a very intimate way to remember your loved one since you can have it on your person every day. You will be able to carry a part of them with you for the rest of your life as well which makes these very personal ideas for urns.

Custom-Made Unique Urn Ideas to Represent Your Loved One

If you can’t find something you think fits your loved one, then commission an artist to design and craft a custom funeral urn for the cremains. This can range from a small piece to display on a mantle to a large sculpture as a memorial. It’s important to remember that if you choose to have a custom urn created, the wait time is significantly longer than simply purchasing available urns since it is being created from scratch just for your loved one.

Custom Urn Examples


Hand Painted Urns

Bling Urns

Sculpted Urns

Converted Urns

The hand-painted memorial crafted for a beloved husband detailed here is a good example of a custom urn. It was created with a “full wrap” style that gracefully shrouds the urn with images of the land outside his farm home. A few pictures from a favorite location can inspire a fitting tribute. Urns of a variety of mediums can also be sculpted to represent the items that your loved one treasured, a baseball bat, a tackle box, or even a sewing machine.

Where to Start with Your Unique Urn Ideas

Melody Jamali is the Founder and President of Une Belle Vie, a Colorado company dedicated to bringing choice of cremation to public light.  Une Belle Vie offers the widest selection in decorative urns for cremation and includes a wide collection of resources designed to help families and friends in their time of need. From tools for the grieving to informative articles about planning, support, and other uplifting thoughts, Une Belle Vie is a company dedicated to helping you celebrate the life of the one you love – on your terms.

Browse Une Belle Vie’s gallery of artistic urns, or reach out to Melody to discuss creating a custom urn for your loved one.

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