Cremation Urns for the Chinese New Year

Red Cremation UrnThis week, January 31st to be specific, marks the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated for up to 15 days by many and in China, many people take a week off from work in order to prepare for the festivities in style.

If you lost a loved one this past year and would like to honor their heritage with a unique urn and celebrate the beginning of a new, brighter year for all, then perhaps an urn that gives nod to the Chinese New Year is a great way to combine both ideas. Here are a few ideas for urns for the Chinese New Year.

Choose a red urn. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes fire, which can help to drive away bad luck. During the Chinese New Year, many traditions involve the color red, including red clothing, red paper and “luck money” given in red envelopes. When you choose a red urn, it can symbolize warding off bad luck for your family or it can be a wish for the soul of your lost loved one.

Have the zodiac painted on an urn. This coming year is the year of the Horse; a year when people are encouraged to confidently follow their dreams and goals, since the horse boldly gallops forward. It’s a zodiac that encourages change and growth. After losing a loved one, forward motion can be difficult to muster, but the zodiac of the horse can be a reminder that your loved one would have wanted you to go forward with your life.

Create a custom urn in the form of a lantern. The lantern festival, held on the 15th day of the New Year celebration, is a time for family to gather and celebrate. What better reminder to keep family close than to have your loved one’s urn be the form of a lantern, reminding your family that it is still a family, even after the death of one of its members. Always stay close and appreciate each other’s presence.

These are only a few ideas for what you could possibly create to celebrate the passing of a new year, honor a loved one’s life and create a lasting memorial to their character.

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