Glass Cremation Urns: A World of Wonder

The funeral industry has long held that what’s available at the funeral home is all that is available; however, one look at the diversity of artist urns in our gallery quickly demonstrates that the only limitation is your imagination. Our glass cremation urns have often been touted as some of the most beautiful in the collection.

Unique Glass Ash Memorial Urns and Globes

When you’re searching for the perfect memorial for your loved one (or even yourself, as we have several clients who are purchasing vessels as part of their pre-need planning), you want a piece that’s dictated by your personality and style, not “need” and a lack of choice. We’ve put together a gallery below of some of our most extraordinary glass cremation urns (and we hope you’ll agree with us that the selection is museum-worthy and completely unexpected).


Glass Ash Globe Memorial

Combine a small amount of cremains into blown glass to create a unique memorial to your loved one.


Forever in My Heart Pink

Hold your loved one close at heart with this pink glass heart keepsake urn.


Midnight Flight

Striking black glass urn with earthy tones of brown, gold and cream. Smooth, shiny surface. Intricate glass lid resembling a bird’s wings in flight.


Precious Gem Green

This green glass keepsake urn is a truly unique memorial.


Remember your loved one with this dark blue glass keepsake urn.


Green Goddess

Whimsical and vibrant, this lime green, translucent glass urn is topped with ruby petals and a white and black striped lid.

View more from the artistic urn gallery, or the glass urn gallery in our on-line store.

If you don’t see exactly what you want in either of those areas, visit our custom urn page and fill out the form to let us know exactly what you want in an urn.


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