Custom Pet Urns: Designing a Memorial for Your Pet

When your beloved family pet passes away, it’s only natural to want to remember them fondly and create some kind of memorial that you feel will be a suitable enough to honor their life and everything that they brought into your family. Custom pet urns are a great way to display your beloved family pet’s cremains in your home in a tasteful way.

How do you go about designing custom pet urns for your dog or cat?

Request an estimate. You more than likely have several ideas for custom pet urns floating around in your head, so the first step is to get an estimate on how much one or more of your ideas will cost.  The pricing is based on material, level of difficulty and intricacy and the amount of time that will go into creating your pet’s urn.

Contact an artist. Once you have an estimate for the cost of the urn, you will likely be contacted by an artist who specializes in the style or material you have chosen so that you are working with someone who understands how to get the results you want from the materials you’ve requested.

Get the first design sketches. After you’ve talked with the artist about your ideas for custom pet urns, they will draw the first round of sketches for the urn they think you have in mind. Once you receive the designs, look them over. Sometimes they will nail your idea on the first try, but sometimes it takes a few revisions.

Give feedback. In order for the artist to properly design custom pet urns, you must give good feedback if you think that the initial sketches aren’t quite what you’re looking for. Give constructive feedback and say what you like and don’t like. Be as specific as you can in order to help them make the right changes.

Sign off on the final sketch. Once you’ve nailed down the perfect design, you will sign off on the sketch  and the artist will begin creating your pet’s urn.

Receive your pet’s urn. Depending on how intricate the custom pet urns are, they can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to be created, and then they will be shipped to your home, where you can proudly display your pet’s cremains in an urn made specifically in their honor.

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