Creating a Guitar Urn for Your Loved One

Everyone’s felt it. Every single one has witnessed the music moving through a crowd. The multitude of souls touched by the same notes vibrating from the stage, or even standing on the stage and playing in the band and orchestrating the movement. Whether it was at a music festival or in the pews of the family church, music has the power to move us all.

Music has always been a sacred part of the world’s cultures. Many of our best known names historically were performers and composers of music. They are remembered because of their music, and it makes sense that our loved ones who shared their skills and passions would be remembered for the same thing. A custom made guitar urn for the modern artist can be a great tribute memorial.


Celebrating Musicians with Guitar Cremation Urns

Whether your loved one was the performer or just a fan of the guitar, they both shared in a communal experience. In the medieval cathedral the music was a part of the sense of having stepped into another world—a spiritual world that transported the imaginations of congregants. That music was monophonic, and as mankind grew more complex artistically, the polyphonies that followed evolved into a guitarist on stage with his crew. His denomination is entirely devoted. He unites his congregation to dance, bang their heads, or simply sit back and listen to an artistry that passes through every soul. It permeates all of our popular music, the meditation of the free jazz guitar and the discipline of the classical guitar.

Catharsis, the healing aspects of stringed instruments have been claimed since at least the ancient Greeks, but in the modern age we all get a chance to experience this release of emotional tension that refreshes the spirit whenever we want. That energy spreads through audiences the same way an acoustic guitarist speaks of the wood held against their body, vibrating every note throughout their being. The guitarist gets the opportunity to share those vibrations with their audience.

How Music Helps Veterans

The energy shared between the music itself, the guitarist touching the strings, and the audience is real enough to gain the support of our VA in cities across America through the Guitars for Vets program, a non-profit group founded in 2007. Veterans who pick up the guitar to earnestly treat the emotional and physical wounds of war trauma say things like:

  • When you have music going on, it’s that common link that you share with everyone that makes it easier to talk to others.
  • Playing music took a lot of our problems away and helped us connect with each other, connect with ourselves, and gives such a positive impact in my life.
  • I use it. I play when I most need it. You know. When I’m having hard times in life it seems like I’m not playing at all. I’ve kinda got to keep that in mind.
  • Playing music lets me connect to emotions that I just don’t connect otherwise. You feel good at the end of that. You know. It feels good in your soul to have that outlet. You know. There’s not so much weight on yourself after.
  • I’m looking for ways to experience joy in the moment, and the guitar is definitely…you know, it’s been a wonderful adventure.
  • There’s a sense of accomplishment and a sense of a beautiful feeling of harmony that the guitar can bring about.

Guitar Urns for Ashes

A custom guitar urn can be as much a work of art as the music itself. And, the process of creating the urn can be a healing process for the grieving.

The ideas here are almost limitless, but a few ideas for guitar urns are:


  • A simple ceramic acoustic guitar shaped urn with a concealed compartment for ashes can memorialize your loved one who loved the instrument.
  • Any style / brand of guitar can be used as a model for guitar shaped urns and mini keepsake urns allowing all members of the family and band to retain a portion of the ashes. (If traveling with urns, be sure to read our post on transporting cremains.)
  • An amplifier or speaker urn can be created to remember the sounds of the player.
  • A simple box urn with an image engraved of your loved one and his guitar.
  • Memorabilia from tour dates for the traveling musician can be included in a shadow box collection.
  • Simple musical notes engraved with a message of remembrance and love.
  • Of course a pick, guitar strap, or a capo can all be used to adorn the guitar cremation urn.

Guitar cremation urns offer a great way to memorialize the skills and passions of the one you loved. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Your artist with a guitar wouldn’t be because that is what music is all about.

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