Pet Sympathy Gifts: Offering Pet Loss Support to a Loved One

The closest friends stick around when things get tough. They don’t have to have all the answers, but hugs go a long way.

A friend who has lost a pet has lost a companion, a constant and unconditional companion. The greatest gift a friend can give to another going through such a loss is simply time and companionship, as best as it can be offered.

The sharing of memories, while you let them know they can count on you, can be the healing gift they need. Trying to be a selfless friend can mean avoiding monopolizing conversations, listening, and trying to avoid giving advice unless the bereaved requests it.


To recognize the loss of a pet in a loved one’s life, the same etiquette can apply as the loss of any family member. Making contact matters above all else, even if it’s an email or a voice message that they may return afterward. If you are at a loss for words of sympathy, focus on:

  • Listening and letting the bereaved speak at their own pace.
  • Sympathy may be more considerate than empathy when a loss is fresh and overwhelming.
  • Share memories. A pet leaves so little behind aside from the memories of those who loved them.
  • Pet memorial gifts can be a thoughtful and creative way to recognize the voice of a friend’s companion after it has quieted.

Pet Loss Gift Ideas

Pet memorial gifts can show a loved one that you respect their loss, and that you cared about and remember the time you spent with their pet as well. Dog memorial gifts, cat memorial gifts, and even a memorial gift for the obscure pet, can take many forms and represent many things.

Pet Cremation Urns

A pet cremation urn is probably the most personal gift as it will support and encourage the preservation of the pet’s ashes and help with the preservation memorial.

Une Belle Vie has a wide variety of pet urns that are a very respectful and sympathetic offering for the loss of a loved one’s pet.

Creating a custom pet urn is also an option that will provide the bereaved with a truly unique memorial for their dear pet.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Custom jewelry can also serve beautifully for pet sympathy gifts. These pieces can be another lovely way to share the memory of a lost pet with a loved one. Local, artisan jewelry makers live in cities and towns all over America, but this is something you can also do as a home craft. If you and your loved one are both skilled and interested, this could be a joint project to distract and pass time with your loved one.

Pet Memorial Markers

A garden stone with the pet’s name and dates can be a beautiful memorial for the hunter cat that protected the family garden from greedy squirrels. It will be an observance for everyone who works the garden or is visiting and smelling the flowers. This is another pet memorial gift that can be an excuse for time spent together. Companies that will engrave a garden stone will always sell their own stones and provide their own artwork. But if you look for them, creative options exist like spending some time out in the wild and finding your own stone, preparing your own artwork, or going to the local arts and crafts store and learning to engrave stones together.

Additional Pet Sympathy Gift Ideas

  • A portrait of one of their favorite pictures of the pet is a very personal and thoughtful way to memorialize a loved one’s pet. There are many options on Etsy for artisans who offer custom paintings and drawings of pets that would make the perfect pet loss support gift.
  • A stuffed animal that resembles the pet can be a nice, tangible memorial.
  • A memorial treasure box, pillow, or a personalized greeting card can all serve well as pet loss gifts. They can offer comfort and acknowledgement, and in some cases even something to hold. The creative crafters on Etsy have a lot more ideas for custom pet memorials.

Final Thoughts on Pet Loss Support

A pet can mean as much to a family as the rest of the family members, and losing it can hurt as much. Pets don’t leave behind heirloom plate collections or insurance policies, the memories we had can be all that remains. Remember to share the experience of your relationship and memories of the beloved pet—and marking that memory with a loss of a pet gift can help that experience last.

If needed, you can also read these helpful tips on how to deal with the loss of a pet.

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  1. From Baxter Abel

    I’ve never thought to get pet memorial markers that double as garden stones as a gift for a loss of pet memorial. My friend recently lost her dog and I didn’t really know what I could get for her to console her. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to refer to your article the next time a loss of dog memorial comes up.

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