How to Make an Urn a Part of Your Home

decorating with artistic urnsWhen a family member or loved one passes away and they’ve elected to be cremated, many families opt to keep their loved one’s cremains in an urn displayed in their house. This decision makes quite a bit of sense given that many people like the idea of having some sort of representation of their loved one in their home. However, sometimes knowing where to put the cremation urn can pose a bit of a problem on how to make an urn part of the home décor without it being overly obvious.

While you may want to display your family member’s cremains prominently, it can sometimes make guests feel uncomfortable knowing there is a cremation urn in the room. For this reason, we recommend the following tips for how to make an urn a part of the overall décor of the room.

  • Choose an urn with a style similar to yours. There are so many style and colors of cremation urns that you can almost certainly find one that will fit with the overall aesthetic of your home. If your home has a more rustic feel, consider a wooden urn. If your home is more modern and sleek feeling, check out a metal urn.
  • Consider smaller keepsake urns. The smaller the urn, the more subtle the presence and keepsake urns are a good way to have a part of your loved one with you forever without a larger vessel on display. Keepsake urns only hold about 3 cubic inches of cremains, so they can be displayed with other curios in your home.
  • Incorporate cremains into a glass urn. A glass ash globe is designed to take a small amount of your loved one’s cremains and incorporate it into a blown glass globe. There are many colors to choose from and each is unique since they are made to order. This is the perfect way to display cremains while still having a vibrant and eye-catching memorial in your home.

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  1. From Brandon McBride

    My family went through something similar when my grandmother passed away – trying to figure out how we could properly display an urn. In the end, we decided on a traditional burial. Just wanted to say – these are some good ideas. I’m particularly fond of the idea of incorporating cremains into a glass urn. Would it be possible to incorporate them into other blown glass items as well? Maybe a blown glass angel?

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