Piecing Perfection Together: Pink Custom Memorial Urn with Gold Hearts

Creating a custom urn from images on the internet.


After the death of her baby sister, Brelyn looked for the perfect urn on the internet. Like many on a similar search, Brelyn found elements that looked perfect, but they were never all on the same urn. With that inspiration, what she needed was a custom urn curator to bring the elements together and make the perfect urn.

When Shyann passed away at eleven years old, Brelyn looked for her favorite colors, designs that would express the family’s love and memories, and a message in script to be a fond symbol of remembrance. She pieced them all together in her mind, and then looked for someone who could make her idea a reality. What she ended up with was this beautiful custom urn with her sister’s favorite color, hearts in gold, and a precious script of love and remembrance for little Shyann.


“I figured there was a place that would make custom urns, so I searched online. You were the first that popped up so I emailed and got a response less than 24 hours later. I explained what I wanted and you took all my ideas and drew up what I wanted. 

The urn is amazing! Everyone at Une Belle Vie was very responsive and so nice. You answered all our questions, and it only took about a week and half from initial contact to final product.”

We Can Make a Custom Urn for You Too:

Brelyn’s situation is very common. Our custom urn curator can piece together pretty much anything you see online. You may find inspiration, but you want something unique for a life that was unique. Bring us your wishes, images of urns you’ve seen and/or images of personal effects that you feel represent your loved one. Our custom urn curator will find a way for your ideas to take shape.

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