A Custom Urn for Two


This year we had the pleasure of working with Tami N., who was looking for a cremation urn big enough for two. We could tell the story from our perspective, but Tami wrote so eloquently about her experience on our feedback form that we’re happy to let her speak for herself:

“My mom and stepdad passed away 7 weeks apart and we wanted to honor their wishes to be cremated and be together in the same urn.

“Mom and Harry were married 24 years, and had a 32 year age difference. They were a very unique couple whom everyone in town knew and admired. They had a lot of fun together, a lot of laughs, and shared a passion for gardening and a love of nature and their cats. When I saw the hummingbird hand-painted urn, it jumped off the computer screen and grabbed me, I knew it was the perfect design to work with to memorialize them.

“We were planning a Celebration of Life party for both of them, with a Spring gardening theme. Being April, it was the perfect time for it.

“We had a party with their favorite music playing, a photo board for each of their lives, and a photo board that represented their life as a couple. We had beautiful paper flowers that hung from the ceiling, purple and yellow tablecloths with big silk flower arrangements that my mom had created as centerpieces, and then we scattered her collection of chickens from all over her house and placed several on each table so that guests could take one home as a memento. I also made seed bombs and created flowers with their photos and made them into little flower pots for party favors. It was very festive.


“The urn was AMAZING and GORGEOUS!! I asked that the hummingbird urn be created with some chickens grazing and cats roaming the garden. This would capture the most beloved things of their lives, and Jessica made it perfect!! It was incredible.

“It exceeded my expectations and was a great conversation piece! Even the funeral director was blown away by this beautiful, personal, vibrant artwork!

“I have never experienced such personal service! Melody and Jessica were so kind, empathetic, and delightful to work with! They wanted to be sure that they captured exactly what I had imagined. Their communication was spot on, they sent pics during the process in case I had anything to change. But it was PERFECT. I cannot recommend Une Belle Vie highly enough. I’m thinking about creating my own custom urn for when my time comes someday, then it will already be done and I will get to see and appreciate it! The price was SO REASONABLE! I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!”

Create a unique memorial for your loved one:

Creating a loving memorial can be a rewarding experience, yet it often seems to be too heart breaking of an endeavor to attempt yourself. We strive to make the experience as easy for our customers as possible, and gear our efforts to assisting you with the celebration of life.

Whether you have a specific vision for a custom memorial, or would like help with exploring your options, we encourage you to reach out to us and start a caring conversation with a custom urn curator.

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