Custom Dog Shaped Urn: Ideas to Commemorate your Family Friend

A dog can be the family’s closest friend, and the loss of that family friend can leave gaps in the shape of a leonine hunter, an ursine sentinel, a warm comforter, a pretty lady, or a charming gentleman. The charming gentleman can offer the family a pure and unparalleled devotion, and the family will remember their pretty lady with the part she played in stories and photographs long after the day has come to say goodbye.

Making the effort for a standalone tribute to the memory of the family dog is a great way to recognize the importance the dog played in the story of the family. Any effort matters in such a time, particularly when the feelings of children are involved. Allow the family to acknowledge their grief, and setting aside time to remember and deal with grief before moving on to get a new dog is essential. While there are millions of these creatures that need our love and care, a little time won’t diminish that need. After the loss of your family friend, and before a new one is brought home: take time to choose the perfect urn to satisfy the family’s need for a loving tribute.


The perfect urn is different for every dog.

We can make just about any style of urn for any type of dog. From dog shaped urns, to a custom yorkie urn, or a memorial for your golden retriever, urns can take on many shapes and sizes. While you can select from existing dog themed urns, custom urns can be a fitting tribute that truly honors the family pet. By ordering a custom urn, you can be as specific as you like and create a personalized memorial for your dog.

Dog themed urns from our cremation urn gallery:

Ideas for a Perfectly Personalized Dog Shaped Urn Based on Some Popular Breeds

Golden Retriever Urn

Golden Retriever

A golden retriever urn can be custom made for the dog that both is known to be a great therapy dog and is commonly used as a professional search and rescue dog. A golden retriever urn could show the warmth of the house dog or the nobility of the highly trained servant to humanity. The golden retriever might look fitting in a field of grass, looking off into the distance as they’re also great hunting companions.

Pug Urn


The humble pug with its cute face still maintains a place among our distinguished gentlemen dogs. A pug urn might display the dog in the home with the family. He might have toys too, if he was the usual playful type, a ball in his mouth or a treat just out of reach.

Boxer Urn


The sensitive and proud boxer often performs as a vigilant watchdog. A boxer urn with the dog standing alert, or a puppy urn when it was at its cutest and cuddliest could serve as a nice memorial. These unflinching guardians would look regal and distinguished in any boxer urns without pretentions.

Yorkie Urn


A Yorkie urn for the golden-haired Yorkshire terrier could show the elegant matron with a bow in her hair like she just came back from the groomer. She might be curled up on a cushion or a special lap. She was a precious lady to anyone who knew her, and a little adornment wouldn’t hurt to embellish her beauty for a remembrance.

Bulldog Urns

British Bulldog In Field Of Yellow Summer Flowers

Bulldog urns can be made for all the different types of bulldogs. Brutus, the miniature bulldog, could be lying in his red doghouse, or Valentine, the sweet-natured Australian bulldog, might be chewing on a slipper. Either way that bulldog can be staring down any challenger with his fierce, dark eyes and his wide and muscular stance.

Poodle Urns


Poodle urns can be dressed up like the prettiest of dogs they are. An elegant engraving on a wooden box or a ceramic or cloisonné urn in the likeness of a poodle could make a very fitting memorial. They’re also known to like jumping in puddles as much as any child, so your poodle might be playful in the sparse woodland, haloed with the sun and a duck in its mouth.

Black Lab Urns

Black lab

Black Lab urns can memorialize the great hunters at your side. These dogs can be remembered splashing through the waters or carrying the hunted fowl. You can’t make a black Lab dirty or wet enough to reveal their true natures, but the artistry and uniqueness of custom black Lab urns can beautifully memorialize your shared time outdoors.

Whether your companion was the pretty lady dog or the slobberingly loyal protector, you’re going to always remember the days and nights your dog was by your side. Your memorial can have a herding dog on the prairie or mountain with the goats or sheep, a heavenly dog scene full of playful pups, a unique representation of your special designer or toy dog, the sturdy and lovable pit bull, or just a dog shaped urn representing your buddy. The memorial is an honor, a respectful and loving remembrance of one of the closest companions a family can have.

2 Responses to “Custom Dog Shaped Urn: Ideas to Commemorate your Family Friend”

  1. From Diana Schultz

    I am interested in a urn for my beloved dog. Can you put a picture of him on this urn? Thank you in advance for this info.

  2. From Candice Eisenhower

    I agree that making a standalone tribute to our little furry friends by securing them an urn can come a long way in commemorating the fun times we have spent with each other and how they touched our day-to-day living. My pet cat just died and it was hard for me to bear. Being with him for years have been the best days of my life as he always cheers me up by staying with me all the time and playing around with me in my room. I will miss him so much that I want to have his memories kept within the four corners of my home by securing an urn. I’ll look around online for my options so I can give him the cutest urn just like him.

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