Cremation Jewelry: Creating Beauty from Tragedy

cremation jewelryWhen a loved one dies, it’s hard to imagine that person no longer being physically in your life, even though they’ll always hold a special place in your life. People opt to for a variety of ways to memorialize the love that they had for their family member. Whether this is by creating a custom urn to perfectly represent their life or by having the cremains mixed in with tattoo ink and having a memorial tattoo emblazoned on their body, people have their own personal way of saying goodbye to their loved one.

Maybe you like the idea of having a memorial you can take around with you, but don’t really like the idea of having your loved one’s cremains permanently inked on your body. There’s a simple solution for this: cremation jewelry.

These beautiful, small pendants contain a small amount of your loved one’s cremains while still looking as beautiful as any other piece of jewelry. They typically have small openings on the back or bottom and come with a funnel for pouring some of the cremains into the pendant before it is worn.

If your family has decided to split the cremains among various members, this is a great way for each member to be able to carry a part of their loved one with them forever. If you invest in multiple identical pendants, it also symbolizes the family’s solidarity in their loss.

The options for cremation jewelry are just as varied as traditional funeral urns. You can get pendants for necklaces or rings and you can choose from material that ranges from sterling silver to crystal to wood. Pick the material that you think fits your family and loved on best and work from there. There are abstract designs to more concrete symbols.

Remember, when you are choosing jewelry to contain your loved one’s cremains, choose something that suits your taste as well as the deceased’s and you can’t go wrong with this unique and beautiful way to memorialize your loved one.


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    How can I tell the difference between a swarovski crystal and plastic?

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