Funeral Apps: Technology and Death

This day and age, more and more business is conducted via apps we can download for our iPhone or Android phone. The apps have helped simplify anything from downloading recipes on the fly to unlocking our car or house door from across the country. It’s no surprise then that there are apps to help us when we lose a loved one. They run the gamut from checklists to finding quotes. Here are several funeral apps that we think you’ll find handy in your time of need.


Funeral Notebook

This app lets you build and manage to do lists for your or other’s funerals. The weeks after the loss of a loved one can be very hectic and trying and have an app to remind you of the type of things that you’ll need to take care of is the perfect supplement to your distracted mind.


Funeral Customs

Whether we like to talk about it or not, funerals are a common practice in almost every culture around the world. Each culture has its own traditions and customs in place that they like to have followed when a member of this culture passes away. This app gives you insight to some of the customs that exist so you know what to do and what requests to make when a loved one passes away.


Funeral Advice

You might already have a checklist handy, but there are some questions that you may not even think to ask at the funeral home and they aren’t standard practice enough for the funeral home to offer up the information offhand. This app gives you advice, whether you’re at home or if you’re out at a funeral home. It offers questions that aren’t often asked regarding cremation, burial and funerals in general.


It should also be noted that many funeral homes are starting to see the worth in having any app (or at least a mobile site) for their business, and a quick search yields access to many funeral home apps as well as apps for funerals. If you spend most of your day handling many tasks from your phone, it’s a good idea to look into one or more of these apps.

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