Pre Need Planning: Making the Perfect Funeral Playlist

When you’re planning for your funeral or memorial service, there are a lot of little details that you’ll need to cover. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a funeral home picked out, provisions made for the cost of the service, and the right casket or cremation urn, depending on whether you’re being buried or cremated. One of the details some people overlook is the playlist for the funeral or memorial service.

However, the music you play at the service sets the tone for how you want your friends and family to remember you. So how should you go about planning and creating the perfect playlist for your funeral?

Pick from your whole life. You may have your favorite songs currently, but try to think back through your whole life. Remember, this is a compendium of your entire life, so don’t stick to one decade. Pick songs that you liked when you were a teen, young adult and a new parent. Your memorial service is about remembering all aspect of your life, not just now.

Select music that resonates. You don’t have to please anyone but yourself with this mix of music, but do keep in mind that you won’t actually be hearing this music when it’s played. Try to pick music that most people are familiar with so that they can connect with it. Of course, if an obscure band from the 70s has one of your favorite songs of all times, then you should include it, but do try to create a connection with the people in attendance through the music that’s being played.

Don’t stick to one genre. Most people don’t love only one type of music their entire lives. Sticking to one genre certainly won’t represent your life as being as diverse as it likely was. It’s important to pick a selection of genres in order to show variety.

Don’t make it too somber. This will be played at a funeral or memorial service, so the tone will be one that’s already fairly somber. While you might want to play some slower songs or something that addresses loss, try to mix some upbeat lyrics and melodies into your music in order to keep your funeral guests from getting too bogged down.

Above all other things, make sure that the playlist is authentic to your tastes and chances are, you’ll end up with a beautiful soundtrack to your memorial service.

One Response to “Pre Need Planning: Making the Perfect Funeral Playlist”

  1. From Natasha

    Ever heard Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” played at a funeral? I have, and it was awesome.

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