Pet Cremation – Creative Ideas for Remembering Family Friends

When they’ve been in your life for years, sometimes even more than a decade, a pet becomes more than just an animal, it becomes a part of your family, so when they eventually pass away, the emptiness and loss felt by the entire family can be incredibly strong. If you opt for pet cremation, you may feel the need to create a special memorial just for your canine or feline companion. Here are a few suggestions for creative, loving memorials you can create to remember your favorite family friend.

Plant a Tree or Garden

Your cat or dog may have spent the better part of their life being a little troublemaker and digging up your newly planted rosebush or “marking” all the trees on the block, but using your pet cremation remains to create a new garden in their honor is a wonderful gesture. Not only will you get to watch each year as the garden blooms, but you’re symbolically returning your companion to the wild, which is where their ancestors originated from so many centuries ago.

After a pet cremation, using the cremains to plant a tree will give you a lasting memorial for decades to come. Each time you look out on their tree, you’ll be able to remember your pet fondly. You can even have a plaque made to commemorate the tree in their honor.

Donate to an Animal Charity in Your Pet’s Name

Not all pets are as fortunate as your pal was. Some spend their lives in animal shelters and foster care. Donating to charities that work to provide these pets with good, healthy homes is a worthy cause. After the pet cremation, visit your favorite local animal shelter (perhaps even the one you adopted your pet from all those years ago) and talk to someone to see how you can make a donation in your pet’s name. Whether it’s a donation of money, food or supplies, many of these non-profits will thankfully take your donation with open arms.

Spread Your Pup’s Cremains at Their Favorite Dog Park

If your canine companion was most at home playing with the other dogs in the neighborhood at the local dog park, think about spreading their cremains in the park after the pet cremation. What better place to spread their cremains then the place they loved the most outside of your home?

Buy a Display Urn

After pet cremation, talk to the crematory about having the cremains transferred to a beautiful decorative pet urn. You can display the urn prominently in your home. Consider placing it in their favorite room or near their favorite spot to nap during the day.

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2 Responses to “Pet Cremation – Creative Ideas for Remembering Family Friends”

  1. From Zequek Estrada

    The idea of spreading your pet’s cremains in their favorite park is cute. Although I do think you may need to do your research beforehand. My friend told me that in some areas there are regulations regarding cremation and spreading the ashes afterward.

  2. From Ellie Davis

    I love the idea of using the cremated ashes of your pet to plant a tree. My horse is really sick and we are needing to put her down. I want her cremated. I’ll have to look into finding the best service in our area.

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