10 Unusual Memorial Ideas

You’re an original so why settle for just any old way to be memorialized? We’ve compiled a list of the ten most unusual memorial ideas and ways to be memorialized.

Unique Memorial Ideas

1: Ashes to . . . beads?

We found a company in

We found a company in South Korea that has the technology to turn your ashes into beads. However, if you prefer something pretty with that bead-like texture, our custom urn Mykonos will do the trick.


2: Get the Pharaoh treatment.

Want to get the ancient Egypt royal treatment? You can get mummified for about $67,000. If you don’t quite have the riches of an Egyptian king, your ashes can still have a royal entombment with our metal urn, the Desert Garden.


3: To infinity and beyond.

If you dream of space as your final resting place, check out our blog post about death and the final frontier. Meanwhile, if you choose to have your cremains closer to earth, hand-painted Final Frontier urn will be a fitting tribute to your love for everything out of this world.


4: Donate your body for display.

Some people donate their bodies to science, others to scientific art. You can become a part of traveling art/science exhibit called Body Worlds . If having your body displayed is not your thing, our shadow box cremation custom urn might be more fitting.

Custom Urns: A custom shadow box cremation urn

5: Reef remains.

Those who love the ocean can choose to have their ashes turned into a reef. However, if you prefer to keep your cremains on dry land, our dolphin urn and Maui sea turtle urn are perfect.


6: Diamonds are forever.

You’ve been a gem your whole life and now your ashes can be turned into one. If you love the sparkles but don’t exactly want to be one, consider adding Bling to alsmot any urn in our gallery to give your memorial plenty of shine for an eternity.


7: Baby, you’re a firework.

Why just scatter cremains in a garden when you can go out in a display of pyrotechnic glory? This company can turn your ashes into a dazzling fireworks show. For something less explosive, we offer our beautiful custom urn Transformation for a shining memorial.


8: A lasting masterpiece.

This artist takes your ashes and mixes them into painted art pieces. If you prefer to be housed in pieces of art, our custom urns Springtime and Willendorf-Venus give just the right final touches.


9: Go out with a bang.

This company specializes in memorializing your ashes by adding them to ammunition. Want something with a little less pow-pow but with wow? Our skilled artisans can create a custom urn that can also be personalized to reflect what mattered most to you.

Hand Painted Custom Urns

10: Get inked. 

Having your image tattooed on a loved one is an endearing and visual way to be remembered. But if your survivors are a bit squeamish at the thought of needles, our colorful skull urns can fill the need to capture your spirit and memorialize you.


Memorialize your Loved One

Whatever your unique memorial idea is, creating a custom urn that represents your loved one in a personal way is something we have a passion for. To learn more about the custom urn creation process and the possibilities available, visit our create a custom urn page.

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