Space: Your Final Resting Place?

space funerals“Space — the final frontier.”

Famous words uttered by a spaceship captain and beloved by Trekkie fans the world over. With the reboot and movie successes of the Star Trek franchise outer space has got the fist bumped it needed since NASA shuttered its doors. The lure of space travel, uncharted planets, and far away galaxies can make any earthling ready to jump planet and onto a ship. But while we’re still light years away from “beam me up” technology we can still plan for an out of this world memorial.

Plain old earth dirt not good enough for you? Consider having a memorial spaceflight. Celestis is a company that specializes in memorial spaceflight. Depending on how you want your journey in the celestial afterlife to go you can choose between several plans. For those who just want their remains to have a little jaunt into outer space consider their Earth Rise Service.  Starting around $995 dollars a symbolic portion of your remains can rocket into zero gravity and return back to earth.  As a more affordable alternative our Blue Sapphire Keepsake is perfect for capturing that deep space ambiance.

What if you want your ashes to stay in space for awhile? You can select their Earth Orbit Service. Starting at $4,995 dollars your remains can actually circle the planet alongside a commercial or scientific satellite. If you have more of a fascination with the moon here’s some great news! Launching in 2014/2015 they will be offering their Luna Service.  Starting at $12,500 dollars your cremated remains can be placed to rest on the moon! Love the moon but not the price? Our Peaceful Slumber urn will have you over the moon at a fraction of the cost.

And for those that really want their afterlife to be in deep space the Voyager Service can offer you permanent space travel. Also starting at $12,500 dollars, this service is planning to launch in 2014.

If you love all this space talk but decide you want your ashes a little closer to earth we’ve got plenty of options for you.  Check out this custom made “earth” ship we created for a final adventure. We can custom create a spaceship version just for you. Regardless, of where you choose your final resting place to be, either in outer space or here on earth, your memory will always live long and prosper.

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